Hyperwerk / Bachelor

Mariana Euges

Plastic Bein


PLAST|C BE/NGS is a study about the fundaments of how materials we use every day are produced, consumed and discarded; about the consequences of these processes for us and our surroundings; and about how people react towards these issues.
The study’s output takes two forms: first, a blog where I compile a major part of my ongoing research and collect different – often conflicting – perspectives on the topic of discarded materials and its many adjacent fields. Second, practical experiments with discarded plastic; or plastic waste as a method and means of exploring, expressing and exposing the aesthetic intricacies of plastic as a material, as well as its complexities and contradictions.
Plastic has in common with humans the adaptability to changes in its environment and the quality of being easily shaped or molded. In that sense, I not only use plastic as building material but also make use of «plasticity» to transform the way we perceive plastic and its effects on our surroundings and ourselves – changing environments, creating situations, molding interactions, thoughts and actions.