Visuelle Kommunikation / Bachelor

Hyunjun Jang

This Is Also Reduction


This project is about the visual approach Reduction.
The reduction is a powerful and effective visual approach. However, now it is considered as a very common visual approach which is generalized and typical.
If so, the reduction is just the reduction as we knew without doubts? Is there a new possibility or new meaning? Is it no longer attractive?


This project started from the simple idea that something new could be found and made from the traditional approach, the reduction.


The project is based on the photographic medium and reality as a starting point and suggests the alternative way of reduction. Back to the fundamental meaning of the term, by focusing on the two simple questions, What to reduce? and How to reduce? The project reinterpreted the meaning of the reduction and produced the exclusive reduced photographs. Unlike the conventional reduction which mainly focuses on the visual aspect of the image, the newly made alternative reductions reduced different elements in different methods by focusing on the materialistic and conceptual aspect of the photographed object in the real world.


The project suggests the 16 different methods of alternative reduction. Each image shows not only the method of reduction but also shows its own aesthetic and different senses.