Visuelle Kommunikation / Bachelor

Min Young Kim

Another Bookform
Distance, Location and Time


Will paper books still exist in the near future?
This question has been continuously raised since the digital-era come in. And fortunately, until now, they surround us. What made it possible to survive paper books? This is like asking what is the strength of paper books that are distinct from intangible digital.


That is the materiality. We can touch the book; feel its weight and texture, read it and own it. As an object, the book has physical structures, and the materiality comes from its certain form. In other words, in order to emphasize the merits of paper books, we need to examine the form of books. Through researching and studying, I analyzed the form of the book and also considered its essence¬ – it was important to define the scope of my project to the book itself, not to book-art or book-object. On the one hand I developed another bookforms and on the other hand I tried to find appropriate content to fulfill the purpose as a book faithfully.


Three bookforms contain one marvelous novel, “Around the World in 80 days” written by Jules Verne in 1873. And each form has its own concepts– distance, location and time. Layout and typography are considered differently by each form and concepts. These bookforms complement each other. Then they suggest reader new reading experience and make them enjoy the materiality that only paper books can give.