Karmen Mänd

I see the garden overall 2016


The garden is both metaphorical and real. Everybody has their own secret garden, a
blooming bouquet of flowers in their backyard.
I have created my own secret gardens. They are built around the moment of mystery,
the boundary between a metaphor and reality. They are in overalls, obscure garments
that gracefully move in between work and play. With the deep colors contrasted by the
quirky print, the gardens seem mystical, elegant, and aesthetic. The only hint of the city are
the shoes, with a layer of concrete connecting them to the urban everyday.
As my gardens walk through the city, I can almost smell their blooming flowers.
«If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.»
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Karmen Mänd «I see the garden overall 2016» | Institut Mode-Design, Diplom Bachelor 2016

Bild: creative direction: Priska Morger, photography: Yasmina Haddad, art direction: Matthias Waldhart, make-up & hair: Martena Duss, styling and production: Jacqueline Loekito, models: Anna Pravorotskaya, Kihako Narisama, Jeremy Nedd, Walid Barbir
Video: Camera: Jef Jacobs with support of Wendy Buck & Chiara Strozzega, Editing : Michiel Helbig with support of Fred Meeuwens & Marine Boey